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[spoiler title=”Is there an incentive for me to promote Beyond Business Success?“]
Yes, Beyond Business Success is proud to offer an Affiliate program, in which all active members can participate. We believe that it’s the ultimate Win-Win-Win scenario. The people you refer get access to the same extraordinary service, it helps us grow our member base and you receive an ongoing source of income to reward you for the members you have referred.
[spoiler title=”I am new to Affiliate marketing. In simple terms how does it work?“]
As a member you will be issued with your own affiliate link, encoded with an ID that tracks the link that belongs to you. All you need to do is visit the Affiliate section of this site and go to “Promo Tools” to find your link. Then simply add this link to your website or any of your emails. When someone clicks on your link, a tag will be put onto their computer and land on the promotional page of Beyond Business Success. Then when someone becomes a member you’ll receive 25% (minus our merchant costs) of the persons $47 monthly investment for the lifetime of that membership. Of course, the more people you refer the more income you will make. (See below for future details on these numbers.)
[spoiler title=”What are the benefits Beyond Business Success Affiliate program?“]
Unlike other opportunities where you only receive income for one-time sales, Beyond Business Success Affiliate program gives you the ability to earn an ongoing income. Once someone you refer becomes a regular member, you will receive income payments for the life of that customer – this could be years or even decades.

In addition, you have the peace of mind knowing you are promoting a service which educates and empowers its members with information to achieve greater personal success and happiness.

[spoiler title=”What is the best way to tell my friends about Beyond Business Success?“]
There are literally dozens of way to promote Beyond Business Success to your family, friends, associates or customers. However, the most effectively way to start is to send an email to people that you know. To save time we have already created a number of email templates, which you find under “Promo Tools”. All you need to do is cut and paste the text, add in your affiliate code where required and send. If you require help with this action, we recommend you watch the “Training Videos” which you will find in the Affiliate section of this website.

Other common methods of promotion are to add some text plus your affiliate link to your email signature and if you have a website you can add one of several banners to your site which are tracked.

For the experienced affiliate marketer, alternative methods of promotion are limited only by your skills and imagination. Some of those methods are explored in the affiliate “Training Videos”, while others can be learnt by further online research.

[spoiler title=”Is there anything that I can’t do when it comes to promoting Beyond Business Success?“]
Yes, the Terms and Conditions, which governs participation in our affiliate program, lists in full the things you must not do with promoting this site.

Most are common sense and aim to protect the right of a potential customer. Of course sending unsolicited messages to foreign email addresses is treated as spam and is strictly prohibited.

[Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions will be available here soon].

[spoiler title=”Once someone clicks on my affiliate link, do I need to do anything else?“]
From a technical point of view, once someone has clicked on your link, that sale is tracked. If that person becomes a member, you will receive an email notification and 25% of their monthly subscription investment for the life of the customer.

Even though this process happens automatically, if you have a personal relationship with that individual, you may wish to give them a person call during their 21-day trail period. The purpose is to confirm they know how to use the features of site and ensure they understand the long-term value benefits of their Beyond Business Success membership.

[spoiler title=”How much income can I expect to earn through this program?“]
Well that depends on the number of people that you make contact with, their area of interest and the quality of the relationship you have with those people. However, we can say that you will make approximately $11.25 per month or $135 per year for every member that you have connected to Beyond Business Success.

For those with ambition to earn a more significant source of ongoing income, you can quickly see how this numbers can compound:

  • 10 Members = approximately $112.50 per month
  • 100 Members = approximately $1,125.00 per month
  • 1000 Members = approximately $11,250.00 per month

[spoiler title=”How do I see my promotional results and see any earned income?“]
Under the “Affiliate” heading you’ll find a sub-navigation button called “My Statistics”. If you click in this section you will see a month-by-month report of your affiliate results.

You will be able to see the number of people that have clicked on your link (which are called prospects) and the number of those prospects that have converted to our monthly membership.

In addition to this, you will receive an email from us every time your referral registers for a new membership and also when each person’s membership is automatically renewed.

[spoiler title=”What if I refer someone Beyond Business Success and that person does not take immediate action on the membership offer?“]
Not a problem. Our computer system has an amazing 12-month memory. This means if a person does not become a member on their first visit, but comes back to the site and does so anytime in the proceeding 12-months, you will still receive the affiliate income. (Unless another member had referred that same customer before you.)
[spoiler title=”How and when is referral or affiliate income paid?“]
In order to receive your affiliate income, you will need to have your own PayPal account and enter its details into the “My Account” section of this site. Once your PayPal account details are entered and saved in the system, you will start receiving your monthly income. Please note: If you wait and then add you PayPal account details later, our system will only be able to back pay you for the last three months.

If you don’t have a PayPal account we suggest you set one up by visiting: or outside Australia and it is free to set up.

[spoiler title=”This all sounds great, how do I get started and start earning income?“]
For your next step we suggest that you visit the “Promo Tool” and “Training Video” areas of this Affiliate section. There you will find all you need to know to get started right away so you can begin earning income. Of course it you have any questions, no matter how big or small, please click on “Affiliate Support”.